What Our Clients Say

Just sang What Child is This and Silent Night in front of my church. I did awesome. I did not play my guitar so I could focus on what you taught me. I have never gotten so many compliments. Really looking forward to working with you and developing my voice. Thanks for your help.


Was at a party…and sang a couple tunes and some lady I didn’t know came up and said she loved my voice—so I told her I’d tell you (voice teacher Lisa Rhoads-Lorenzo)—that you would be excited I’m improving.

Mary Z. Coxinternational indie banjo artist

Through Resounding Healing, Inc. Music Therapy Services, Lisa has been providing weekly music therapy sessions for my 92-year old parents for the past year and a half. The benefits of their sessions together are many: My parents’ minds and voices are engaged as they sing familiar songs and hymns, and their bodies are further engaged as they play percussion instruments while they sing to Lisa’s guitar accompaniment. Lisa provides a consistent therapeutic relationship for my dad who has dementia and my mother who is his caregiver and companion. Through their weekly interaction with Lisa, both my parents experience the joy and power of music. Various other therapists and aides come in and out of their lives, and home health care providers come and go as needed, but Lisa remains the constant for my parents, leading them to express themselves through music and allowing them to feel her support. Both of my parents look forward to music therapy each week as they relax and have fun engaging in such a pleasurable activity with Lisa who truly cares about them.

Ann EdwardsFacebook Review

Lisa…You helped me a lot recovering from the aftereffects of my stroke and advancing age.

John McDevitt

I first met Lisa Rhoads/Lorenzo when she came to provide music therapy for a hospice patient in a local Tallahassee hospital. The patient was barely responding to any therapy but the moment Lisa started singing and playing her guitar in front of her the patient started responding to the music by wriggling her toes and smiling while staring at Lisa. Her voice was soothing and very touching-so much that everybody on the unit was overwhelmed.

Since I was establishing my own small assisted living facility at that time, I concluded she would be the music therapist I would like to bring to my facility. Since December 2011 Lisa has provided music therapy for my clients 3 times a week. My clients respond very well to the music therapy she provides as she engages them in mental and social exercises. She is flexible and will visit a client’s room if for any reason the client is not able to come out. All my staff, hospice nurses, agency workers, family members of the clients and all who come by during any of the music therapy sessions enjoy them as much as my clients do. She has been such a blessing and I recommend her to any irrespective of their age or health status.

Linda Kabia-Lamango, R.N.Owner L&L Assisted Living

Lisa Lorenzo is an excellent music therapy clinician and has experience working with patients of a variety of backgrounds and needs. She has worked in the medical, school, and geriatric settings and always brings a calm, compassionate demeanor. I frequently refer people requesting information about music therapy services to Lisa because I know they will get the exceptional care and services they are looking for.

Miriam Hillmer, MME., MT-BC(former Music Therapy Coordinator at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare)

Lisa Rhoads/Lorenzo is an outstanding and skillful vocal teacher who clearly loves what she does, listens very well, is warm and approachable and perceptive in the nuances of voice and singing. She is very conscientious about what she teaches and makes a consistent effort to make sure I am learning and advancing.

Lisa is also very good at teaching the psychological aspects of voice and knows the importance of the voice as a second face and how it is one’s personal instrument, carried everywhere, that can be trained and tuned to enhance one’s career, relationships and interactions, and self-esteem.

I feel confident that I am learning useful information to remove the obstacles and enhance the beauty, warmth and power of my own voice. I feel empowered by what I have learned so far and look forward to making further vocal breakthroughs.

R. PatikTallahassee, FL

I used to blow out my voice when I’d sing with volume and texture and couldn’t perform more than a few songs. The new techniques have enabled me to sing better and longer. My range has extended in both directions comfortably, and learning which muscles to use has helped my tone considerably. Thanks!