About Us

Lisa LorenzoFounder: During her career as a professional vocalist and voice teacher Lisa Rhoads-Lorenzo recognized music’s power to affect her students on many different levels. Convinced by the ongoing research of music therapy’s effectiveness as an adjunct treatment for multiple disabilities, medical interventions, and its use as therapeutic medium for counseling, Lisa decided that the addition of a music therapy degree would allow her to combine her two passions, music and helping others, to better serve her community.

Company: In 2011 Resounding Healing, Inc. was founded by Lisa Rhoads-Lorenzo. The company now services the Wakulla County, Florida School District’s ESE classes K-12, and provides individual and group music therapy services in the Lewis and Clark County area of Montana. Online “virtual” music therapy services are available for any interested clients. Ms. Lorenzo also maintains her online music lesson studio and continues to perform for special events.

Resounding Healing, Inc. Music Therapy works to deliver the benefits of music therapy as a research-based therapeutic medium that meets the non-musical goals determined cooperatively by the music therapist and client. Progress toward client goals are documented, reviewed, and treatment plans are modified when necessary.

Every person’s health needs are unique, and we are committed to working with our clients to accomplish their goals.